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Using the Visual Studio Template for RRS Client

A. Install the template

1. From Download page, download, unzip and run set.exe
a. Select “Run Anyway” if asked

B. Create a new project using the template

2. Click File->New->Project

3. Provide API Info: Enter RRS API post URL and Key from AzureML API Dashboard and Help Page

4. Load the page in the browser: Click Run
5. Submit request to API: Enter data and click Submit
If you see issues with the app, first test your API directly in AzureML Studio in the API Dashboard using the Test button to ensure the API is functional.
Note that to change the UI (color, columns widths, etc.), you can edit default.aspx page.

C. Publish as a web site running on Azure

6. Right click on solution name, and select Publish to deploy as Azure web site
7. Sign in to Azure: set web site name
8. Submit request to API: Use the deployed web site to submit request to the API

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